New Patients

Register as New Patient

If you wish to register at the practice please click on link below and complete the new registration form (GMS1).  

Waiting list for registrations at present is upto six weeks.  If form is not completed in full there is likely to be a further delay.

To prevent delay, make sure you fill in all fields that apply, follow the guidance points below:

  • If you are from abroad and this is the first time you are registering with a Doctor in the UK make sure you enter date of entry to UK.

  • If you have previously registered with a Doctor in the UK make sure you enter your previous address and the previous Doctors name and address. If you have your NHS number please enter this also.

  • Once you have submitted the form, email your photo ID and address proof to

Your details will then be entered onto our system and the practice will send you a text for you to book a New Patient Check appointment. IF YOU REGISTER ELSEWHERE BEFORE RECEIVING A TEXT FROM US PLEASE LET US KNOW SO WE CAN CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION.  You MUST attend this appointment to complete your registration. 

If you do not book or attend your New Patient Check appointment you may be unable to see a Doctor when you need to.

Temporary Patient Registrations

If you are ill while away from home or if you are not registered with a doctor but need to see one you can receive emergency treatment from the local Urgent Care Centre or Local Walk In Centre which is based at The Phoenix Health Centre, Parkfield Road, Wolverhampton.

If you are a university student and this is was your surgery before leaving for university you can register as a temporary patient while you are away from the university. This will allow you to be on the local practice list and still remain a patient of your permanent GP. 

To register as a temporary patient simply contact the practice you wish to use. Practices do not have to accept you as a temporary patient although they do have an obligation to offer emergency treatment. You cannot register as a temporary patient at a practice in the town or area where you are already registered.

Non-English Speakers

These fact sheets have been written to explain the role of UK health services, the National Health Service (NHS), to newly-arrived individuals seeking asylum. They cover issues such as the role of GPs, their function as gatekeepers to the health services, how to register and how to access emergency services.

Special care has been taken to ensure that information is given in clear language, and the content and style has been tested with user groups.

Open the leaflets in one of the following languages:

Disabled Patient Facilities

There are facilities for disabled patients, these include: a parking space, a lift and ramp access for wheelchairs.  A wheelchair is available for patients who have difficulty walking from the waiting rooms to the consulting rooms.